Building Sustainability into your Business Culture

Have you been implementing green policies or instituting sustainability practices into your organization?  How much resistance have you faced internally?  If you’re like most businesses, you’ve probably struggled with a lack of buy-in for the changes or frustration when employees can’t see the full benefit!  The Barrie Business Sustainability Symposium will show you how to build sustainability into your business culture.

First, a recognition that all behaviour is driven by values and beliefs is paramount.  When employees follow direction that is not consistent with their values or beliefs, they will do so half heartedly and effectiveness of the implementation will be compromised.  The opportunity is to measure the culture of your organization and the culture of your employee body in order to create a road map for culture change that deliberately shifts the values system more fully toward sustainability, while maintaining the business priorities of profit and customer service, for example.

I’m excited to be presenting at the Barrie Business Sustainability Symposium on April 7, 2011 and will be making the case for building a sustainability culture.  You will learn the benefits of deliberately shifting your culture toward sustainability and some of the pitfalls that business leaders face in this area. Bob Willard, of the Sustainability Advantage will also be presenting. I am looking forward to his presentation!

What challenges have you found when implementing green or sustainability practices in your business?

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