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We help leaders develop their ability to make a positive difference at work, and in the world. We are doing this by providing world-class coaching and learning solutions that generate sustainable organizational success.

What does a leader in any organization really need to succeed? Leaders from around the world say they want, and need, the following to do their jobs:

  • Clear expectations
  • Understanding the corporate culture & your role in it
  • Knowing what the boss cares about most
  • Knowing how you will work together with the boss, i.e. how involved he/she will be in your work?
  • What is your boss's communication preferences & frequency?
  • Negotiation for key resources to accomplish the job

Helping your leaders understand their directive clearly and how their personal strengths align with their role, creates a success recipe for productivity and engagement.

Integra’s Leadership Development initiatives lead to

  • increased awareness of each leaders’ style and strengths
  • insight into personal values and related behaviors
  • targeted competency development
  • a robust talent pool
  • productive work relationships and teams
  • strong business results

Integra uses an integrated approach with coaching and training, because we know that leadership success depends on enhanced knowledge and skills, but also personal awareness and action.

Old habits die hard. That’s why all of our training programs include a coaching element. We know that a supportive approach by working with the leader on real workplace situations over a period of time results in sustainable transformation.


One-on-One Coaching
An individualized coaching engagement with a coach, with regular meetings over a designated time frame, to clarify goals, create a plan, and work together to overcome obstacles in the way. Also includes Career coaching, Transition coaching and competency development. Details…

Bridges: Coaching Conversations for Engagement and Results
A training course designed to introduce fundamental coaching concepts to leaders, including listening, feedback and other advanced communication skills. The sessions help to integrate a coaching philosophy into their leadership style and to take a coach-like approach to many of their interactions and activities. Multiple modules allow for custom design. This can be a 1-day or a 2 day course, or delivered in ½ day segments.  Details…

Assertiveness Training for Managers
Leadership effectiveness is significantly reduced when a leader comes across as over-assertive (bully-like or aggressive) or under-assertive (shy, quiet or indecisive). This workshop, plus coaching sessions help leaders understand the behaviors and how they are interpreted. They will learn to modify their behaviors to match their desired leadership impact. Details…

Effective Decision-Making for Managers: Polarity Management – Managing multiple priorities
Most leaders struggle with resistance to change, conflict & rivalry, and chronic problems & Dilemmas. The tool called Polarity Management helps to manage, not solve workplace conflicts. Recognizing the existing polarities improves decision-making ability and helps to understand how to tap into opposing ideas and mindsets, plus use the value in each to reach your overall objectives. You learn to understand and work with the resistance to change, and generate momentum towards your overall strategic goals. Details…

GreenMe! ...from Overwhelm to Enthusiasm for Living Sustainably
As the volatility in the world escalates, many of us are unsure how to prepare ourselves and our families for the bumpy road ahead. With the triple threats of economic instability, the end of cheap fuel, and the environmental crisis looming, individuals are looking for a new approach to leading their lives... Details…

Leadership 360° Feedback Assessment – Values-Based
An online (Cultural Transformation Tools) assessment and personalized debrief with a certified coach to compare an individual leader’s personal values to the values demonstrated by their behavior, as observed by survey respondents (subordinates, peers, superiors), and create a personal development plan.  Ongoing leadership coaching is recommended to ensure development objectives are met. 

Leadership 360° Feedback Assessment – Strength/Competency-Based
A feedback tool administered by email or in person to self, peers, reports and superiors, seeking information on perceived strengths and weaknesses, and the relating behaviors as observed, leading to the creation of a personal development plan. Ongoing leadership coaching is recommended to ensure development objectives are met.

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