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Team Development

We accomplish the impossible.  Give us your conflicted Board, your most unproductive Department, or your most dysfunctional Team.  We’ll create alignment, enhance communication and increase their commitment to their shared goals.  We address silo mentality, unresolved conflict and underperformance, to create a sustainable new team dynamic.

What does a high performing, values-driven team look like?

Its people are clear on their tasks and how they impact the whole.  The system reacts and responds as one, in constant communication and continuous collaboration.  There’s a rhythm to the way in which they become aware and then act, and then look to the next challenge.  Individual strengths are valued, as their contribution to the whole is clear.  Each person knows when to lead and when to follow, in order to support the team in achieving its goals.  And everyone believes in the ability of the system to excel and remains committed to the common goal.  Change is embraced and welcomed as an opportunity for development.  The collection of individuals thrives because of the positivity of their interaction, as they dance, breathe, and tune in to the wisdom and potential of their system.  And the organization thrives as its components flow together synergistically to produce outstanding results.  Harmony. Productivity.


Team Systems Coaching

Sometimes our teams are operating sub-optimally, whether it’s personality clashes, poor communication or a lack of alignment in vision and values. In other cases, teams are simply in a rut, where old unproductive habits die hard. Our team systems coaching provides a unique approach to creating high performing, cohesive teams.    Details…
Business Relationship Coaching
Most of us spend more waking time with our work colleagues than with family and friends. So it’s extremely important that we optimize our working relationships in order to accomplish greater results and achieve more satisfaction in our work. At the worst of times, business relationships are fraught with conflict, resulting in an enormous amount of wasted energy.   Details…

Team DiagnosticTM Assessment and Program
When a team is under-performing or simply wants to get to the next level of performance, a benchmarking assessment is the best way to launch a change effort.  The Team Diagnostic Program includes an online assessment and a customized facilitated off-site session to deliver the results, train the team in the model, and generate a team development plan. Details…

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