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Mission & Values

Integra is committed to walking our talk.  We work with individuals and organizations to get clear on their Vision and Mission, and to express their values in their everyday workplace behaviour.  And we expect nothing less of ourselves.


Communities and Workplaces where people love to BE.

Our dream is a world where community and workplace cultures nourish, inspire and challenge people to be their best, utilizing their skills and talents optimally and in collaboration with their colleagues, to generate the best performance and highest fulfillment possible.


To develop engaged and values-driven leaders that motivate and inspire their personal and professional environment.

Our mission is guided by research that shows that engaged, connected and values-driven leadership results in communities and organizations that thrive and outperform on a consistent basis.

Our core values drive our actions. By aligning our behaviours with our values, we effectively realize our goals and those of our clients, with deliberate focus.    
Risk-Taking  Growth can only occur when we stretch beyond our comfort zone towards audacious goals. We are committed to facing our fears, and doing what it takes, to make a positive impact on the world around us.
Value-Based Decisions, No Matter What
We intentionally use our core values to make decisions and choices, even if it's hard. We strive to walk our talk, every day.
Professional Excellence We pursue excellence at every opportunity without sacrificing time or costs.  We are committed to continuous learning, and to modelling and promoting excellence in the coaching, consulting and training professions.
Profit We promote financial viability for clients, customers, other stakeholders and ourselves.  We only commit to activities and engagements that add value and provide significant return on investment.
Collaborativity We believe the successful outcome of any initiative is directly related to the quality of the collaboration that preceded it. Sharing openly while seeking alignment leads to greater creativity and sound decisions. More is possible, together.
Positive Impact First, do no harm. We believe that self-awareness of our own behaviour and its impact leads to better relationships, teams, organizations and communities.   We leave places in better shape than we find them. 


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