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Recent News Integra is pleased to announce that, as a professional associate firm of Royal Roads University’s Todd Thomas Institute for Values Based Leadership, we are facilitating the deployment of a sector-specific ...
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In this complex world, where the volatility and pace of change are ever increasing, maintain success and growth requires strong leaders, cohesive teams, and aligned and flexible organizations and communities.

Integra helps build
  • Successful leaders, who consistently achieve their goals and those of their teams and organization
  • Thriving working relationships, based on clearly defined goals supported by strong communication skills
  • High-performing teams,  that consistently outperform due to their strong collaboration, effective communication and commitment to a shared purpose
  • Values-based organizations, that apply their stated values to permeate all aspects of the organization resulting in consistent high performance
  • Adaptive cultures, capable of withstanding and thriving under unexpected stresses
At Integra, we are people dynamics specialists.  We build people systems that are resilient and sustainable - perfectly prepared to survive, thrive and excel, even in turbulent times.

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